The benefits of GSM

The goal of this document is to explain the benefits of the GSM commands, showing some geometric cases could be solved with a standard surface modeler and how easier it is to solve them with think3 applications using the GSM commands.

Here follows a list of geometric problems and of the corresponding solutions obtained using the Advanced GSM tool:

1. Make a linear sweep surface pass through a curve
2. Make a linear sweep surface pass through a curve, maintaining another constraint
3. Bump a capping plane
4. Make a surface pass through some curves with an additional perpendicularity constraint
5. Bend a surface keeping some fillets and fixed points unchanged
6. Add tangency conditions to a set of surfaces, making them pass through some curves
7. Spread a plane onto some surfaces adding tangency conditions and leaving some existing features unchanged
8. Create a surface passing through a dimensioned profile and some dimensioned orthogonal sections
9. Make a surface pass through some curves while adding some tangency constraints
10. Interactively apply a controlled modification some surfaces (the head of a mouse!!)
11. Edit parting planes
12. Define a surface approximating a set of non parallel curves
13. Define a surface passing through some curves describing a 3D triangle.

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